Top Mobile Game Developers for Android and iOS

Our Proper Games website focuses on game software and mobile development software, including must-have mobile tools with everything from audio to engines as well as infrastructure. Proper Games offers information regarding the top mobile game developers for mobile games created for iOS and Android while providing you with a comprehensive round-up of tools available as used by some of the biggest gaming titles on the market.

Top Mobile Game Developers

When it comes to top mobile game developers from Proper Games the list includes Autodesk using the Stingray engine, Marmalade the team behind games such as SimCity Build it on Windows 10, Android and iOS, Havok optimizing the deploying of games to Android, iOS, and Tizen with its mobile engine creating triple A titles for all smartphone devices. It's game ready feature range integrates with a selection of 3rd party tools to provide high performance in realistic high detailed scenes.

Epic, Rodeo and YoYo Games ShowThe Capabilities for iOS and Android

Epic Games shows that its high-tech unreal engine 4 has as much impact on mobile devices as on consoles and the tech supports Android and iOS. Rodeo Games used the engine for its Warhammer 40,000 Deathwatch a 3D mobile strategy game, which demonstrated its graphical power. GameMaker Studio is used by YoYo Games, who are known for powering Nidhogg, Spelunky, and Hotline Miami. It uses its own scripting language and a drag -and-drop interface to offer established and new developers to build detailed games and prototypes quickly.

HTML5 Developers

When it comes to top-class HTML5 developers there are quite a few to follow, and it is almost unbearable to wait and see what they are currently working on and to learn from their new experiences. This list includes Rezoner, Louis Stowasser, Andrew J Baker, Hiive, True Valhalla, Game Cook, Lost Decade Games, Space Monster Games, Phontonstorm, Enclave Games and several others.

Different Mobile Game Companies Software Available

Construct 2 also called the Photoshop for games is an HTML5 game creator offering an interface that is event based with no coding required allowing games to be ported to multiple platforms. Styncyl is a codeless creator that is easily one of the best games developer software programs offering a clean visual interface for Android and iOS. Cross Platform iOS/Android Game Engines include Unity Mobile, Corona SDK, Emo, Coco2D, jMonkey Engine, BatteryTech, and Starling. iOS Specific Game Software include iTorgue is a 2d gaming editor accessible as MIT opensource software for all iOS device development, which was also used for Sushi to Go and Bellatorus .

Starling's iOS's little brother Sparrow is an open source that is free-to-use while it uses Objective-C and was built for iOS from scratch, other software perfect for games include DragonFire, Newton, Oolong, and NinevehGL. Android Specific Game Software includes Android Arsenal that offers an assortment of different libraries for Android including colour pickers, ads, layouts, and scrollers. Other Android-focused game software also includes Catcake, AndEngine, and android.

What the Future Holds - Proper Games

Since this is an industry that moves fast, with new standards, advancements, plug-ins, and much more being created daily, it is advisable to check Proper Games back regularly to enjoy our online tutorials as well as guides to mobile game development. Remember great advice never goes out of style, so even the not so new articles can be valuable when starting game developing from scratch.